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Slow. Gentle. Mindful. 

Virtual yoga classes aimed at giving you tools for greater resiliency and stability in life through nervous system regulation

Give yourself permission to slow down. 

Modern lifestyles place the body in a near-constant state of stress. A healthy mind and body must have rest - this is not the same as sleep! Constructive rest and slow, intentional movement activates the body's relaxation response, impacting digestion, respiration, and overall well-being. 

The Classes.

  • Ease into your day with intention in this gentle morning class

    5 US dollars
  • Journaling time and inspired slow flow/mindful movement

    8 US dollars
  • A quiet practice inviting the body to completely relax

    10 US dollars
  • A practice of sensation with long holds per pose

    8 US dollars
  • Mindful movement using the chair to explore different poses

    5 US dollars

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The Contacts.


Text/Call: 330-622-3082

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